Acquistions advisory

A large and increasing number of banks and other lenders wish to lend in support of business acquisitions. As one would expect these lenders have differing sector preferences and appetites for risk.

We maintain a comprehensive list of more than 400 lenders on our network and monitor the various offers and deals that they keep us informed about. If a lender is worth knowing the chances are we know them.

Find a co-investor

We have built up a large network of entrepreneurs and other high net worth individuals, many of whom are active investors, constantly on the lookout for suitable deals. Investors come in to and out of the market, their preferences change, and the investment environment changes over time.

Over the years we have a sound knowledge of what will appeal to our investor friends and what will not. We use this knowledge to target deals to the right investors.

Negotiate the terms of the loan

We have many years experience of dealing with banks, both as advisors and as borrowers. We have arranged or borrowed  sums large and small, and established long-term personal relationships with many key players in this market.

We do not try to convince reluctant lenders to lend, experience tells us that this does not work. We find the lender who has an appetite for the deal we are offering.