Acquistions advisory

Acquisitions advisory is not a business broker or transfer agent, but we do have more than 13,000 contacts on our network, each one of whom is either an active entrepreneur or an advisor to many who are. 

We are frequently asked for help in finding both buyers and sellers and we are happy to help where we can in finding opportunities and co-investment opportunities.

One of the most important jobs in any acquisitions search is to value any potential target with a minimum of fuss and delay. 

We are delighted to be able to offer you a trial use of the valuation engine developed by NIMBO AG. This algorithm uses information captured from hundreds of deals and uses 273 data points to produce a comprehensive business report.

Over many years we have designed and built a series of models that we use to establish the funding capacity of an acquisition. This allows us to establish the best balance between equity and the various forms of debt that are available from our funding and investing partners. Many clients use these models as the basis of forecasts and projections that they need.