Acquistions advisory

We believe that thorough due diligence is essential when buying a business, and that using a suitably qualified and insured firm to carry out due diligence enquiries is a must. Not every firm has the required experience of this type of work and it is wise to use one that has. 

Acquisitions Advisory does not carry out due diligence work ourselves but we are always happy to introduce clients to specialists in all areas of due diligence that we know. 

As set out elsewhere a Share Purchase Agreement sets out all of the key duties and obligations of both buyer and seller in a business purchase. It is usually the product of many hours of negotiation. 

We believe that this is a job best undertaken by those with specialist legal and commercial expertise. Usually we advise on commercial aspects of the agreement and where appropriate  introduce clients to suitable law firms.

Legal Completion

Arranging the timing and order in which events have to take place for an effective hassle free completion is a skill. As above, we believe that this is a job for experienced specialist advisors, many of whom we know, have dealt with before,  and are happy to introduce to our clients.