Acquistions advisory

Acquisitions Advisory provides business buyers and sellers with a bespoke one to one service. Although each case is different this service will usually cover some or all of the following,

Identify potential purchasers or buyers

We have an established network of several thousand SME founders and investors.

The Business Valuation Calculator

We will use the NIMBO AG Business Valuation Calculator to establish values for both buyers and sellers.

All modelling and structuring

It is important that any proposed debt and equity structure does not cause problems post acquisition, out models will prevent this and will assist in negotiations with both lenders and investors.

Introductions to suitable lenders and negotiation of facilities

We have well established links with all the most active lenders in the M&A sector and can help you negotiate the best terms for your deal.

Introduction to potential equity investors and negotiation of co-investment

It is possible to raise investment from both private equity funds and High Net Worth Individuals, if you know where to look, we do and can help you find a suitable partner.